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Sohel Nouri: “Yes, I coached Sylvester Stallone.”

The New Republic (Agérien daily) had the opportunity to welcome Sohel NOURI.

Sohel NouriSohel Nouri has acquired a great and long experience in the field. Sportsman since his adolescence, he practices martial arts (black belt of Karate), it is very naturally that he goes towards high level sport: bodybuilding where he won various championships in France, Europe and World , which allowed him to pass in the ranks of the best athletes in the world and win a third place at Monsieur Univers IFBB.
With his experience, Sohel Nouri puts his knowledge into practice, to date he gives many seminars across the planet on sports coaching and fitness classes, he combines experience and practice to supervise high level athletes or individuals wishing to be taken care of and to be advised in order to reach goals and also intervenes in companies to offer tailor-made fitness courses.

“Yes, I trained Stallone, moreover, he was the one who asked that I train him before he left for Afghanistan to shoot the film Rambo III, it was in 1988 and then j coached other personalities and why not now with the athletes of my country so that they can become champions. I am ready to ensure the physical preparation of the national football team. Sincerely, I am ready to help the sport in general. “

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