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Rocky BALBOA … next?

According to the new president of MGM, Mary Parent (photo opposite), we learn following a studio conference that a new Rocky movie is in the works.

With very enthusiastic requests, it seems that the public is eagerly awaiting the return of the legendary boxer to the ring. But is a comeback possible after Sylvester STALLONE’s Rocky Balboa?

The willingness to continue the beautiful franchise may seem a little surprising. The actor Sylvester STALLONE will celebrate his 62th spring next July and it is not certain that he is still interested in playing this favorite character, after Rocky Balboa.

Unlike the John Rambo series which seems to be moving towards something else, the saga of the great boxer has been enriched by its epilogue with the latest film.

Perhaps there are still options to dig veins like the youth of Rocky, Rocky’s son, Rocky the boxing teacher, not to mention the possibility of setting up a glorious TV series on one of the previous subjects? To be continued in the next episode …

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