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Sylvester STALLONE is Shooting for Bollywood?!

Bollywood filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala (42) has reportedly signed with Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone for his upcoming film Kambakht Ishq, with actors Akshay Kumar (40) and Kareena Kapoor (27). The two actors have already played together in the film “Tasham” released in April 2008. The film would be directed by Sabir Khan in which Akshay Kumar […]


Sohel Nouri: “Yes, I coached Sylvester Stallone.”

The New Republic (AgĂ©rien daily) had the opportunity to welcome Sohel NOURI. Sohel NouriSohel Nouri has acquired a great and long experience in the field. Sportsman since his adolescence, he practices martial arts (black belt of Karate), it is very naturally that he goes towards high level sport: bodybuilding where he won various championships in […]


Rocky BALBOA … next?

According to the new president of MGM, Mary Parent (photo opposite), we learn following a studio conference that a new Rocky movie is in the works. With very enthusiastic requests, it seems that the public is eagerly awaiting the return of the legendary boxer to the ring. But is a comeback possible after Sylvester STALLONE’s […]